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Rescue Academy
for Occupational Safety and Health

An institution specialized in providing a comprehensive range of training and consulting services, Established in 2015 to fulfill the local and international community needs to spread and promote occupational safety and health in all its fields for both public and private sectors 



Providing our clients with services that suit their needs, synchronized with local and international requirements



Preparing, developing, and providing internationally accredited consultancy and training programs in occupational safety and health, whether for individuals or companies, through the application of the latest technologies 



To be one of the leading companies in the field of occupational safety and health, committed to the highest standards of ethical practices and social responsibility

Why US?

Our performance revolves around providing the best support to clients and recommendations that keep them always at the forefront according to the global renewable standards

Our courses are built according to the needs and training goals of individuals, which allows us to easily customize the solutions that meet the needs of your organization, while fully adhering to the standards of training with the latest approaches adopted globally, we have global experience and expertise to provide exactly what you need

Since the trainer is one of the most important elements in the success of training and work,  Rescue Academy selects its trainers accurately from a technical and personal point of view where the selection criteria are based on professional expertise specialized in the field required to be trained, we have a large team of consultants and trainers specialized in different fields who have skills, Excellent educational and training with standardized communication and influence capabilities

Despite the large list of training companies in the competitive market, the opportunity for growth is always present and the opportunities for cooperation adopted by the Rescue Academy between those institutions to achieve our mission enable us to provide unique offers, based on:
• Create an ideal training environment and make use of all aspects.
Global, reliable, modern and productive approaches.
• Continuously developing the work team to cover the largest keeping up with the market requirements.
The Rescue Academy focuses on becoming a leader in the training and training market and giving top priority to customer satisfaction and the application of values ​​such as honesty, efficiency, creativity and cooperation through agreed standards and principles that are part of our system and daily working life

Training and quality assurance are the priorities of any training institution. At Rescue Academy, we are certain that high-quality training is our main goal, as we are keen to apply international quality standards

Rescue Academy partners are experts and major organizations specialized in the environment, quality, consulting and training in the world confirming that we do not seek to provide training content only, but we adhere to the commitment to its quality and moreover we work together with our partners and customers, which enables us to verify the knowledge gained through Participants in our programs


We always strive to provide our services to you by all means and methods to reach you, soon this technology will be added among our training mechanisms

The main branch: Irbid, opposite to the new Amman Mall, Abandah Center, 2nd floor
The second branch: Amman Gardens Street - Al Muhtaseb Building 2nd floor

Jordanian Ministry of Labor - Accreditation and Quality Control Center

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Safety is everyone's right; some training programs require a certain degree of education, but most are yours.


Consulting Services:
The Academy provides consulting services according to the latest international and local standards:


Occupational Safety and Health

Comprehensive assessment of the work environment to reach a safe work environment.



Providing consultations to build quality systems that are compatible with ISO standards and specifications.



- Environmental measurements (temperature, humidity, shrike, "vibration, gases, dust, lighting").

- Conduct environmental audits.

Training Programs:
The Academy also offers many training programs according to the latest international approaches and methods:


Occupational Safety and Health

- Occupational Safety and Health Supervisors
- First aid course CPR
- Electrical safety 
- Physical hazards
- Chemical safety 
- Mechanical safety 
- Prevention of the risks of machines and equipment
- Occupational safety and health in facilities 
- Emergency Plans Management Course
- LoTo power source control and isolation cycle
- Risk management and work environment assessment course
- Accident Investigation Course
- Evacuation and emergency cases
- Fire Fighting Course
- Defensive driving course
- Forklift course



- Quality Management System - ISO 9001
- Environmental system - ISO 14001
- Occupational Safety and Health Management System - ISO 45001
- Food Safety System - ISO 22000



Other training programs provided based on community needs.


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Our Partners

We provide our services in colaboration with our partners

Our Clients

We are happy to make our clients satisfied and comfortable



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Irbid - Amman new complex
Abandeh center, 2nd floor



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